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Visiting Nurse Service and Affiliates


For skilled home health care, the following types of services can be provided:

  • Assessing and observing a medical condition
  • Teaching about a condition, such as diabetes or heart failure
  • Evaluating the response to a new medicine or to a change in medicine dosage
  • Teaching a new procedure such as an IV or dressing change
  • Performing complicated procedures such as a urinary catheter change
Physical Therapy:
  • Assessing of patients functional abilities
  • Developing a plan to improve walking, strength, range of motion, coordination, or endurance
  • Teaching exercises to improve functional abilities
  • Performing specific treatments
Speech and Language Pathology:
  • Assessing of disorders that cause communication disabilities or swallowing disorders
  • Developing a plan of care to address problems related to speech, communication, or swallowing
  • Teaching about ways to improve speech, communication, or swallowing
  • Assisting patients who have aphasia, voice, or swallowing problems
Occupational Therapy:
  • Assessing patients abilities to perform daily tasks such as dressing, eating, and bathing
  • Developing a plan to address problems related to limited use of shoulders, arms, and hands
  • Teaching patients about exercises and ways to increase function of arms
  • Teaching about the use of devices that can help in daily tasks such as dressing, eating, and bathing
Other services:

For skilled home care can be provided as needed by the patient's condition. This includes:

  • Social service to help with social, emotional, or financial problems that affect treatment
  • Home Health Aide service to assist in personal care such as bathing and dressing


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